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Music plugin for MUGEN
"NiciousMUGENBGM" (ver2.2.0)

[DOWNLOAD v2.2.0]

NiciousMUGENBGM is Music playing plugin, FOR MUGEN.
Mainly this supports mp3, wma music but adding DirectShow Filter, some other audio (e.g. Ogg Vorbis) will be played.
And many functions inside this plugin.

[ Functions ]


[Known issues]

VS screen music is played in fighting using characters who pause music in intro
Solved in v2.2.0. But you must change INI file setting.
Some mp3 can't be play
This is issue of some DirectShow Filter. to resolve this issue, use another DirectShow Filter(e.g. ffdshow).
Some mp3 plays so late(long blank before playing)
Several DirectShow Filter can't recognise ID3v2 tag. Press Ctrl + X when playing the file. ID3v2 tag will be cut. But, of cource, most of audio information(title, album, artist, etc) will be lost.
Some DirectShow Filter may play these audio without cutting ID3v2.

HP : (en)
HP : (jp)

(Please don't link to this image file. to use this image on your HP, download it)

Old version(Japanese)

Introduction video(Japanese. Account of "Nico nico douga" is required).

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